Thursday, July 10, 2014

PKB Conference Held After Eid

National Awakening Party in the near future will hold a conference to strengthen the party's next step after the success of the administration of elections. Politics rahmatan lil Alamin be a guideline officials and party cadres in the construction of the structure. idul fitri

"Congress scheduled to be held between August and September 2014. We want to realize the political road rahmatan lil Alamin," said DPP PKB Wasekjen Chusnunia Chalim in Jakarta, Sunday (06/07/2014). This decision was taken after the board tanfidz and Shura council held a party plenum in DPP PKB.

Political rahmatan lil alamin was referring to is not the way politics mostly. PKB, according Chusnunia, would like to provide a role model as a political party that is not merely pragmatic pursuit of the target. However, more developed as a political party that promotes the interests of common courtesy as well as an element of the nation.

"We make sure the entire board and cadre of PKB walk in the corridors of political Islam rahmatan lil alamin, so it is not just practical politics alone," said Chusnunia.

Member of Parliament from the constituency that also conveys Lampung, administrators have several options location of the conference. Among them, in Bogor, West Java or in Pasuruan and Surabaya, East Java, which is known as the main base of the Green Party.
"However, the certainty of the location are still waiting for the establishment of a steering committee," he said. Read: kumpulan kartu ucapan idul fitri 1435H 2014

Chusnunia asserted, conference event will further strengthen the commitment of the board as well as to raise the party cadres who were born from the womb of the NU. Positive achievement legislative elections will also be a main topic that can still be maintained and enhanced wherever possible back in the upcoming legislative elections in 2019.

"Congress will focus on strengthening the party's work program to accommodate the aspirations of the grassroots as well as determining the party steps forward," he concluded.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Play Face Security Issues

Google Play Face Security Issues

Using a new tool called PlayDrone, researchers at Columbia Engineering have found a very serious security problem on the Google Play.

Reporting from indiatoday, they found that developers often keep their secret keys in their application code, similar to the username / password information.
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But the hackers are still able to steal user data or resources from service providers such as Amazon and Facebook.

This vulnerability can affect the user's data even if they are not actively running their applications on Android devices. Google Play has more than one million apps and more than 50 billion application downloads.

According to Jason Nieh (professor of computer science at Columbia Engineering, New York), there is no any review are incorporated into Google Play, anyone can earn $ 25 USD account and upload whatever they want, including uploading malicious malware. To unlock this, researchers developed PlayDrone, a tool that uses a variety of hacking techniques to avoid downloading malicious apps Google Play and restoring data sources are being attacked by them.
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PlayDrone has teamed up with Google, Amazon, Facebook and other service providers to identify and notify the application at risk, and make the Google Play Store is a safe place to download the application.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

This is the Complete Specifications LG G3

This is the Complete Specifications LG G3

JAKARTA - Officially LG G3 slid today, Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) . However , LG has officially disseminate marketing on May 29 in South Korea and then followed around the world with the support of more than 170 operators .

Meanwhile , to wait ketersediaaan in each country market , will detail the complete Okezone existing specifications on the LG G3 before buying public , so no regrets . Adapaun various parts that deserve the spotlight from LG G3 included.

First , Display 5.5 - inch Quad HD with a density of 538ppi ( pixels per inch ) . use
Quad HD resolution giving him the sharpness of the offer four times the resolution of HD , and almost two times higher than Full HD screen

Second , 13MP + OIS ( Optical Image Stabilizer Plus ) with Laser Auto Focus camera that can produce captivating images with good sharpness more quickly than the time it takes a conventional smartphone cameras.( Read: laporan pengecoran logam )

Third , Gloss gorgeous metallic body behind the light in addition to also make it free from the possibility of traces left by the finger

Fourth , Floating Design Arc which makes it feel very comfortable in the hand and one hand operation to collaborate with innovative design heritage Rear Key that puts all the buttons on the back .

Fifth , Graphic layer interface that is consistent with the concept of " Simple is the new Smart " from LG G3 .

Here's the full spec LG G3 :

- Chipset : Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 801 ( up to 2.5GHz Quad - Core )

- Display : 5.5 - inch Quad HD IPS ( 2560 x 1440 , 538ppi )

- Memory : 16/32GB eMMC ROM / 2/3GB DDR3 RAM / microSD slot ( 128GB max )

- Camera : Rear 13.0MP with OIS + and Laser Auto Focus / Front 2.1MP

- Battery : 3,000 mAh ( removable )

- Operating System : Android 4.4.2 KitKat

- Size : 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9mm

- Weight : 149g

- Network : 4G / LTE / HSPA + 21 Mbps ( 3G )

- Connectivity : Wi - Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac , Bluetooth Smart Ready ( Apt - X ) , NFC , SlimPort , A-GPS/Glonass , USB 2.0

- Color : Metallic Black , Silk White , Shine Gold , Moon Violet , Burgundy Red

- Other : Smart Keyboard , Smart Buyer , Knock CodeTM , Guest Mode , etc .


Monday, May 26, 2014

PDI-P Requested Closure One Voice for Localization Dolly

PDI-P politicians , Eva Kusuma Sundari asked his party supports the Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini related discourse Dolly closure . According to Eva , localization is a symbol of violence against women and its closure must be done .

" We have to support the mayor's policies ( Risma ) , " said Eva in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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Member of Commission III was continued, this time the Central Board and the Regional Leadership PDI - P are coordinating to determine the measures taken . He hoped that the policy was in line with plans Risma as mayor promoted by PDI - P . " Do not be counterproductive , " he said .

Personally , Eva said , all localization must be closed due to become a symbol of violence to women . However, the strategy must be accountable and consider closing the negative impact of humanism in order to press after the closing .

Pros and cons of the plan to close Risma lokaliasasi prostitution occurs in the internal Dolly City Government ( City Government ) Surabaya . Deputy Mayor of Surabaya , Whisnu Sakti Buana include figures that are not in line with the closure plan . Vishnu himself is the Chairman of the PDI - P Surabaya .

Closure plan will be conducted from June 19, 2014 in accordance with the deadline set Risma Governor of East Java , Soekarwo .


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mall Party School Holiday Discounts on up ahead of Eid

School holidays become a precious moment for the family , usually parents and children to spend time together in many ways . One way to fill the holiday is looking for entertainment at the mall .

Jakarta Great Sale Festival ( FJGS ) do not want to miss this moment . In 2014 , FJGS repopulating once held to enliven the Jakarta Anniversary - 487 . A total of 75 malls participating , giving discounts of up to 70 percent , for mall visitors who want to fill the school holidays begin June 7 . In FJGS 2014 , mall visitors can also find a variety of needs for these activities feast lasted until July 19 , to coincide with the mid- month of Ramadan .
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It could be holiday allowance ( THR ) also have entered your account when FJGS 2014 is still ongoing. If you have this , make a budget and use it as needed discipline becomes an important note . Moreover, more and more malls and stores that provide shopping options with this attractive discounts .

In addition to more malls and stores that provide discounts at participating FJGS 2014 , on June 21 to 22 at once 15 malls in Jakarta will hold Midnight Sale . If you live in the area south of Jakarta , will be more options held a party discount mall .

" Many retailers wait for this moment to give attractive offers , " said Satria Hamid Ahmadi , Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Retailers during a press conference in Jakarta , some time ago .

If you want to find out what the mall offers exciting give and do to suit your needs , just visit the nearest mall for most of the mall in the business district , office , housing also a strategic area , follow these discount party .

" Mal is the most widely participated in South Jakarta , while the greatest in Central Jakarta . Every mall has a different segment and character . They also compete in FJGS creativity , " said Darwin A Roni , the Secretary General of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association , on the occasion same .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Can Partner Advantage of Hajj Corruption Fund?

KPK suspect a partner profits of corruption allegedly committed Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali in organizing Hajj in 2012-2013 .

" Maybe ( the money ) can go to the party so partners , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said here on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . He claimed not to know whether there are allegations of corruption money flowing into Suryadharma .
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Commission set for suspect status Suryadharma Thursday . Chairman of the Unity Party is charged with the construction of Article 2 Paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication (Corruption ) in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 Number One in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code .

With entrapment of the article , Suryadharma could face life in prison . Elements in Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Act , among others, is to enrich themselves , other people , or corporations , and financial harm or economy . The elements in Article 3 of Corruption Act one form of abuse of authority .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation alleged to Suryadharma , among others, allegedly carried out by using an initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage .

Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion . KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of the pilgrims.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mobile "vanish" Can After Free Massage in metromini

A passenger metromini 640 majors - Tanah Abang Market Sunday became a victim of pickpocketing with massage mode sequence , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

When the passenger in the metromini not much . Originally a man climbed into the metromini near Bank Indonesia , Central Jakarta . He chose to stand even though a lot of empty seats .

He then approached the passenger , later identified as Rudi . The man gave a piece of paper brochures 5x5 inches . The brochure reads " massage herbal oil massage . Powerful heal quickly pinched nerve " .
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The victim only realized his cell phone was lost after 30 minutes after the perpetrators " tricked " him .
" I just realized , was that person ( the perpetrator ) mijit - mijit knee , thigh and my hand -made oil while providing brochures . Constantly I love the brochure that was given to the last person . Mobile I disappeared in the pocket here , " said the victim told Compass . com .

The perpetrator allegedly amounted to two people . One person who massaged the victim , while the other players distract the victim by asking for a brochure , by reason of the information in the leaflet read .

When another passenger asked the brochure , the alleged offender was refused and went down near the Busway stop Setiabudi , South Jakarta .